NEW ramblings and studies from sketch book!


‘Clearing’ – Watercolour on Paper – 16″ x 12″

Having braved the recent weather here in Wiltshire, just below freezing during the day, though felt much colder – here are two recent additions to my sketch book.
Came across this ‘clearing’ on a walk yesterday. The ‘clearing’ was sketched out ‘en plain’ and having taken notes of colours and tones (as well as a photo for ref) it was then completed in more warmer climes at home in my studio, though it didnt take long as I managed to get most of it done on location – even with freezing fingers!

The ‘tree study’ was a distant clump of trees on the horizon – and as it was so cold and I couldn’t muster the energy to get closer – most of it was from what I imagined it to look like, therefore it is only a small 6″x4″ sketch study.


‘Tree Study’ – Watercolour on Paper – 6″ x 4″


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